Android Enterprise with AirWatch

What devices support Android Enterprise?

Since Android Enterprise (formerly Android For Work) launched, a common question asked is “what devices support this” – Whilst the general answer is “Device from Android x version and above”, every device from an OEM sometimes behaves that little bit differently.

Google have a page to help here. I can tell you, I am very pleased to see this.

You can find the page here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 11.42.35 am.png
Android Enterprise Device types

Google have also separated the hardware up into 3 device categories.

  • Enterprise Devices – Premium productivity devices
  • Affordable work devices – Cost-effective devices ready for work
  • Featured devices

This way you can now find the right device at the right price point that is supported.

Below is a videos demonstrating how easy it is to onboard Android Enterprise with VMWare AirWatch.


Android Enterprise Device Onboarding



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